Skincare I cannot afford REVIEW

Recently, I received some Ole Henriksen products in the mail in exchange for my honest review. I was IMMEDIATELY impressed with these products.

I’ve been having some skin issues as of late, with a dry patch on the left side of my nose and a slightly less dry but still definitely dry patch between my eyebrows. Nothing I own has helped. It came out of nowhere, and I have been desperate for a solution. I even went through my usual dry skin routine – lots of moisturizer, covered with Vaseline to seal it in – and NO results. I was miserable.

Once through with the Ole Henriksen products, and my skin is ALREADY showing major signs of improvement. These products are already a win in my book for doing something that absolutely nothing else was able to.


Now let’s get down to each of the items…

POWER Bright™

Retail Price: $55.00

This is a three step system that takes 5-10 minutes for the first part, 2-3 minutes for the second, and 10-15 minutes for the third. Essentially, this is a face mask/cleansing system for someone who has 17-28 minutes to spend on their nightly skincare routine. Considering how awful my skin has recently been, I was more than willing to try each of these steps.

Step 1 was a nice moisturizing and exfoliating step. I thoroughly enjoyed it.
Step 2 stung a little bit, but in a way that I knew it was working. It definitely was a concentrated solution of vitamins, and my skin was LIVING under it. It definitely loved it.
Step 3 was pleasant, and for such a drippy-looking product, it did not move on my skin AT ALL. Major props for that.

Afterwards, my skin felt refreshed, brighter, softer, smoother, more radiant. It totally reached all the marks it was trying to. If I ever have a skin disaster like I’m currently having, I would totally consider repurchasing this product to give my skin the pick-me-up it needs.

It also comes with the Ole Henriksen Professional Cleaning Sponge, which is in a pack of 2. They’re convenient and not harsh at all on the skin, really nice to clean off a face mask. I liked them a lot, but they are just sponges. I’m sure there’s a cheaper solution out there, but I preferred using this sponge to just using my hands for sure.

Truth Serum® Vitamin C Collagen Booster

Retail Price: $48.00

This is definitely one of the best serums I’ve ever used. It doesn’t feel heavy on the skin, doesn’t cause any irritation on my dry patches. As other reviews for the product state, it is perfect for combination skin. It doesn’t make my not-freaking-out areas too oily or anything, but it helps my dry patches a TON. If I had $50 to spend on a serum, I would definitely repurchase without any hesitation, but we all know that isn’t the case for my bank at this time.

Sheer Transformation®

Retail Price: $38.00

Okay, I can totally see myself splurging on this product. In conjunction with the serum, it does not make my skin feel oily or gross in any way, but my dry patches LOVED it. The formula is so creamy and luxurious feeling, but it absorbs so well that I could wear it under makeup. That’s a constant struggle for a makeup addict like myself. Love, love, love. I have nothing but good things to say about this product. But then again, $38 for 1.7 oz is still steep. Gah. Why do good things always have to be expensive?

The Miley Workout


I’ve been compared to Miley since I was a teenager. Is it the ever-changing hair (and the coincidence that we make our changes around the same time period?) Is it the hippie attitude towards the world around us? The mantra “you’re lucky I’m doing my yoga or you might be dead”?

I’m sure it’s a combination of all of the above.

I’ve always been a supporter of the idea that “the best workout is the one you actually do.” So, as I’m continuing my yoga routine and finding how it fits into my lifestyle, I wanted to add some additional cardio. I’ve never been athletic – never a runner, never one for sports. I hated gym class. I always liked dancing, though. So, how have I decided to get my cardio in?

I’m learning how to twerk.

Hell yeah I am.

So. Here it is.

My Current Workout Routine

Start: Warmup.
Pick 1-2 songs, semi upbeat and fun (think Dangerous Woman by Ariana Grande). Warm up dancing and hip rolls.
Part 2: Twerk.
I’ll pick a VERY upbeat playlist and just…dance. Dance for 20-30 minutes. Don’t be afraid to repeat moves – repeating squats to the beat. There’s no wrong answer, only fun.
Part 3: Usual Yoga Routine
Here is where I’ll pick a target area, work on my strength, and work on my mindfulness. This is a full 1 hour practice, but I’ll sometimes take just half of it on busier days. Either way, I’m still moving at least a half hour every day.

I’m setting it as my unofficial goal to lose a little extra weight before the end of summer. Not a lot – I want all my clothes to still fit, I can NOT afford a new wardrobe.

I say unofficial because if it doesn’t happen, that’s okay. I’m still happy. I’m healthy at my current weight. I could always be healthier, but I’m nowhere near overweight and I’m proud of my body the way it is. Body positive, but always looking to improve.

Either way, I think I’ll be even more like Miley in no time.947336_10153500793008441_1793983004719934857_n (1)

Happy Father’s Day!

Yesterday was just lovely. I surprised my Dad in Portsmouth, NH – he had no idea I was coming. My stepmother and I had planned it without filling him in. We had a lovely lunch at British Beer Co. and went for coffee and desserts afterwards.

It had been a few years since we had spent a Father’s Day together. Our relationship hadn’t been it’s strongest in the past couple of years – a lifetime of divorced parents can do that. I look forward to what the future holds for Dad and I – we’ve been working on our relationship and that means the world to me.