Celebrity Big Brother Style Knock-off

I’ve wanted to try something like this ever since seeing Brandi Glanville wear hers around the Celebrity Big Brother house, and I’m not the only one.

She confirmed herself that she uses the $6 Bella Simplace gold eye mask patches, but I couldn’t find that online, and that was back in 2014. So she very well may be using another product by this time. And it’s confirmed, she is. She’s using the Peter Thomas Roth ones, overpriced to hell. So what options do we simple broke-ass folk have?

Wink and a Kiss FlashPatch 5 Minute Hydrogels

The package I was sent comes with two of each – two lip gels and two sets of eye gels.

The eye gels are life. They completely wake up my tired undereyes and my skin truly feels rejuvenated afterwards. You can wear them in three ways – the way I currently am (known as “the dollface”) with the rounded side in to target undereye bags, “the scarecrow” with the skinny side in to target crow’s feet, or “the minotaur” over the eyes to target upper-eyelid puff. There are other similar products available (Burt’s Bees has them at your local drugstore, for example), but this was my first try at undereye gels. I loved every second of them – ESPECIALLY since you can wear them with a full face of makeup as a mid-day or pre-party refresh. They recommend wearing them for 5 minutes during makeup application, gossip time with your besties, while blowdrying, getting ready for bed…but I totally wore them more than 5 minutes. They feel SO GOOD, this nice cooling sensation that lasts long after your remove them. These are a bit costly – $50 for a 30 pair jar. If you’re just interested in testing them out, there is a 5 pack for $15, or the $10 duo I have which will give you two of them. I’ll get to why I don’t recommend that option in a second but first, look at me Glam-ville-in’ it up in these patches.

And! My makeup didn’t budge an inch. 5 stars for these.

So…the lip gels. These are so annoying. The results are iffy. I don’t know if it does much more than chapstick. My lips didn’t feel rejuvinated really, it is definitely not the best higher-end rejuvenating lip product I’ve used (fresh’s sugar lip serum is) It didn’t fit my mouth. It was annoying to wear (you can’t talk, open your mouth to breathe), it tore when I tried to wear it correctly. I don’t think I ever made the full 5 minutes with them. Here is a kinda-shitty blurry picture of me attempting to wear them. img_3968-1

For $50 for a 24-pack, or $15 for 5…I don’t know guys. Just buy some chapstick.


Origins Clear Improvement™ (Origins, $27)

It’s a mud mask.

There’s other ones. They cost less.

My skin doesn’t love them, they dry me out. But I’m breaking out right now so this sample came at a great time. My skin does not appear to have hated it. It as very smooth, easy to apply, easier to remove than other charcoal masks I’ve used and reviewed previously.

I have an Origins store on the same block as my office so I popped by on lunch for a free facial, and mentioned that I had this product at home. They recommended some other products but indicated this was meant for oily skin (while mine is usually rather dry). So…definitely a blessing in disguise that my skin decided to freak out and get oily/acne-ridden right as it came time to review it. That’s how I’m going to choose to see it because otherwise, I’m just avoiding mirrors and wallowing in my unusually unkempt appearance. I actually really do like what their products do, and how well they are outlined for different skin types.

I definitely recommend Origin products, though I am so totally neutral on this mask that I would not notice if you replaced it with a different one unless that different one sucked. I don’t want to rate it with my usual system, because a non-rave/neutral review would probably be like, 2.5/5, and that seems like a poor review. Use it if you have oily skin, and feel like using Origins products. Better yet, go to an Origins location and be matched for things that will better match your skin – they have an outstanding selection of products.

Me, Sponsoring a product that isn’t cruelty free…

Dogs want the taste and nutrition of a diet that’s rich in animal proteins—not soy or grains such as corn or wheat. The reason is simple, protein-rich diets provide the nutrients for a lean, healthy body and the energy to chase. Like the diets of their wolf ancestors, CRAVE™ With Protein From Lamb and Venison Dry Dog Food is always crafted with real, high-quality animal protein, the meaty flavor dogs love and no grains.

I don’t like when people put their dogs on “vegan” diets, as much as I advocate for cruelty-free lifestyles. I want to give my dog the fullest life possible, because I love her so. I want her to thrive. There has been a lot of hubbub about this in the vegan online community, specifically when Vegan Gains put his wolf dog on a vegan diet until the dog was sickly, finally caving to put her on a diet that was against his ethical standards. But that’s what was right for the animal. Humans are omnivores and can survive without, but our pups aren’t meant to.

(You’re welcome for all the links roping you into the vegan youtube drama – I blame Freelee the Banana Girl for getting me roped into the joy of youtube drama, as well as inspiring my interest in cruelty-free lifestyles and ASMR. Please note that while I have linked these channels, this is NOT my endorsement or support of their content or views. I fully admit to hate-watching youtube channels for entertainment purposes.)

My little lady loved this food, even ate around her old kibble to get to the new one while I was mixing the two. She’s 5 pounds, but the formula is made for all sizes – you just need to measure the size based on your dog’s size. The kibble is small enough for a pup her size, but even for a big dog. Four paws up.

The Only Kind of Hair on Sasha Velour’s Head


All hail the reigning Queen. Since her eyebrows are drawn, obviously I’m talking about…

Let it be known – I have been battling with false lashes since I was in elementary school. I was a competition dancer, and it was a performance day battle for my mom to get those eyelashes onto my delicate baby eyelids. I was fidgeting, the falsies themselves were too long, and the glue spewed everywhere.

Enter Velour.

Velour Lashes Lash Adhesive White Latex-Free 0.5 oz (Sephora, $12)


This is your friend. At $12, it’s a very reasonable price point, mirroring Duo’s famous lash glue at around $8. But the packaging is fantastic – instead of a tube that sprays lash glue everywhere but on the lashes, this comes with a delicate paintbrush for the easiest application you’ll ever have. I have fought with many a lash glue in my day, and I have waited for the day packaging like this would arrive. It has. Velour did it for us. Though they have mink lashes in their line, they market themselves as a cruelty-free brand (using mink…not cruelty-free), so the verdict is unknown there. But price wise, for such a user-friendly product, this can’t be beat. I personally prefer black lash glue, as clear doesn’t dry “clear”, it looks like dried glue…but with the precision this application gives, it’s slightly less of a concern. And this comes out of the tube in almost an ultraviolet blue, easy to see and work with, eventually drying clear. 5/5 stars, go buy it, highly recommend.

Velour Lashes Effortless Lash Collection Barely There (Sephora, $26)velour-lashes-effortless-lash-collection-short-and-sweet.jpg

These…are lashes. And they cost almost $30. You can get lashes under $10.

But! They are really good lashes. They are not flimsy, they hold their shape very well, but still maintain flexibility for easy application. They are already cut, intended for the outer corner of the eye – the look I prefer anyway – so they come ready-to-go in pristine well-labelled reusable packaging. These are sturdy. Sometimes on competition days, girls would take off their lashes and throw them on the floor at the end of the show, because they were gross and irresponsible children but also because the lashes couldn’t be reused. These can be reused. When using the velour lash glue, you don’t have mountains of lash glue from earlier application attempts on the base of the lashes. The sturdy structure of the lash allows them to be reused, possibly saving you money on additional cheap lashes.

All in all, I’d give them a 4/5, only deducting for the price point. I would absolutely use these again, and perhaps keep them in mind for a special occasion. After all, I’m not an everyday falsies kind of girl.