I teamed up with American Lodestar to donate $220 to a charity of my choice (I chose the Movement for Black Lives) AND gift one of my followers $100 to the charity of THEIR choice! The winner of the giveaway, hosted on my Instagram, is user zoidberg14. They’ve chosen to help Malden Neighbors Helping Neighbors.

American Lodestar is hosting a new video competition series where local citizens work together across political party lines to improve their communities. Viewers decide the outcome, and winners get funding to benefit their hometown. You can register for exclusive access to the upcoming online preview or submit an entry to participate in the next competition. The pilot preview kicks off in Richmond, Virginia – the first Southeastern city in the United States to see a riot over the killing of George Floyd. The winning team will be awarded funding and public awareness to put its proposal into action to Richmond’s direct benefit.

The C Word

One night in May, my groom Micah went straight from work to the hospital. I didn’t go with him because I knew I wouldn’t be allowed in the current restrictions. He had some pressure in his upper abdomen. He was immediately admitted. That night he texted me – it might be cancer.

Everything stood still since then. The world is surreal right now already. I wasn’t able to be with him. I called his parents. I messaged almost everyone I’ve ever turned to in any crisis. I dropped off care packages at the hospital. His buddy Pat brought me to pick up his car yesterday since we didn’t know how long he would be in the hospital. If it was a bad prognosis, he’d be in inpatient chemotherapy for months, separated from all of us. Micah had biopsies and blood tests, all alone. I was at home crying in bed, thinking of worst case scenarios, and also trying not to.

First we learned it is marginal zone lymphoma. We’d be proceeding with immunotherapy in the next week. I was able to bring him home that day. After we got home, flowers arrived, from him. He had sent me flowers because he was worried about me in all of this.

Then, after the first round, Micah was rediagnosed with follicular lymphoma. We started chemo a week ago. Micah is responding well to treatment. Because of COVID, I’m on leave from work indefinitely. If anyone has leads for online based work from home I can do in the meantime, that would be rad.

Anyway – I have the best partner in the world. I love you Micah. We’re gonna kick cancer’s ass.