About Me


My name is Corinne DeCost. I am a 28-year-old Suffolk University graduate, lead singer of band Floating Lighthouse, an artist, a Rethink advocate, and I occasionally take on random gigs (i.e. webseries appearances).

I guess I’m an artist, but in a renaissance woman/hand-in-every-bowl kinda way. I do part time web design and social media management. My current side project is running promotion & media with Multiverse Concert Series

These days I live in a two bedroom apartment in San Francisco, California with my groom Micah and my pomchi Smiley Face (pictured below).


I try my best to live sustainably – in an eco-friendly, cruelty free & animal-loving hippie way. I also try my best to live affordably. I share what I can when I can on my blog here, along with random updates on my life and happenings around me.

Any questions?  Don’t hesitate to email corinne.decost@gmail.com.  I’d love to hear from you.